Mail-in Orders

Ship your old media to our TOLEDO SHOP where we digitize analog media and generate digital files. Digital files are easily shared and saved to a variety of storage options. You'll be preserving family memories and ready to pass them on to future generations.

No Expensive Pre-order Boxes for Mail-in Orders

Mail-in your old analog media and we'll make digital copies to preserve your family memories You don't need to pre-pay us for a Special box to "Mail-in" your old photos, movie reels, videotapes, or other analog media. Your local Post Office can provide boxes of various sizes to deliver your insured materials to our shop. Check your Post Office or www.USPS.com for details.

***Please be sure to include your name, contact info, and any relevant instructions for your order***

We Digitize all types of old analog media to preserve family memories

Your choice of storage device for your digital files:

  • Thumb drive

  • Digital Discs

  • External Hard Drive

Thumb drive to share your digital files USB Flash Drives- 8 gigabyte and larger, in stock

CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc options to store your family memories in digital files

External Hard Drive to store the family memories in digital files





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