Audio to Digital

Convert Your Old Audio Recordings to Digital

Once your audio recordings are digitized you can easily back up your digital files and share them with family. You can also use that digital audio as a soundtrack in photo slideshows or other multimedia projects.

Reel to Reel Audio Tape




Audio CD's
Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel, 8 Track Tapes and Vinyl Records can be digitized and transferred to Audio CD, for use in an Audio CD player. Material is cleaned up and tracked - CD capacity is 74 minutes - $19.95



Vinyl Records to Digital
  • 33 1/3 RPM
  • 45 RPM
  • 78 RPM

Audio Tape to MP3 files
Another option, to storing digitized audio on an Audio CD disc, is converting your old recordings to MP3 files. This is a common audio format that will let you play your old recording on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Analog Audio Tape Formats to Digital
  • 1/4" Reel to Reel
  • 8 Track Tapes
  • Audio Cassette
  • DAT
  • Micro Audio Cassette
Audio Cassette Tape converted to a Digital format

Choose from these digital storage options

Flash Drives/ thumb-drives in stock

USB Flash Drive/ thumb-drive - Portable Hard Drive - DVD - CD - Blu-ray Disc

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