FAQs - Transfering your film, movies and photos to Digital

Q:  Can I ship my items to you?
A:  Certainly. Download this PDF, print and include it in your package. pdfTransferMeToDVD Order Form

Q:  How long does the process take to complete:
A:  Turnaround time varies depending on the size of your project and how busy we are. We operate on a first come, first served basis. Generally it's about a week for direct transfers, and two weeks for everything else. Rush orders can be accommodated if possible.

Q:  How many hours can fit onto a DVD?
A:  Approximately 2 hours of video/slides/photos/film will fit onto a single DVD.

Q:  What order will my slides and photos be put in?
A:  We suggest that you number them in the order you want.  If not numbered they will appear on the DVD the way the order was received.

Q:  How do I know what the quality of the video will be?
A:  The DVD you will receive will reflect the quality of the media you supplied.


Q:  Can I combine photos and slides onto one DVD?
A:  Yes.  You can combine any services onto one DVD as long as it is less than 2 hours running time.

Q:  Why should I convert my tapes to DVD?
A:   Video tapes deteriorate over time and it only takes one bad VCR to destroy a tape.  DVDs  under proper conditions will last a lifetime.

Q:  I don't know what is on my film reels.  Can I review it?
A:  Yes.  We can create a reel by reel Temporary DVD or Flash Drice, have you review it and let us know what you want and Transfer Me to DVD will then complete it.

Q:  What process do you use to put my film on DVD?
A:  It takes 3 steps to get film to DVD. First the film is converted to disc and during this process it is monitored for focus, light/dark images, then the digital disc is loaded in our computer system and the reels are meshed together and our tech goes through and cleans up the film images removing any bad areas, the last step in the process is to add our opening, titles, and music for your completed film to DVD transfer.

Q:  How many feet of film will fit onto a DVD?
A:  We can fit 1800 ft of 8mm or Super 8 and 4000 ft of 16mm onto a single DVD.

Q:  Do you have a money back guarantee?
A:  We guarantee customer satisfaction.  Our work is guaranteed for 30 days.

Q:  Is it safe and will you return my originals?
A:  All original material is returned as received, if you live out of town and want to ship your material to us, download and print our- pdfOrder Form

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