Digital Duplication Pricing

Multiple Copies of Digital Media



  1-9   $7.95 ea
  10-49   $3.50 ea
  50-99   $2.75 ea
  100-299   $2.00 ea
  300+   $1.00 ea

Jewel Case

  1-9   $9.95 ea
  10-49   $3.50 ea
  50-99   $2.75 ea
  100-299   $2.25 ea
  300-499   $2.00 ea
  500+    $1.50 ea

Tall DVD CasePaper sleeves included in pricing. If print is intensive may be $0.20 ea upcharge for ink. Slim jewel case $0.35 ea. Tall DVD box $0.35 ea.

If you own the rights to the content or provide written permission from the copyright holder, we'll duplicate the digital media at these prices. Transfer Me To DVD will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.  

Choose from these digital storage options

Flash Drives/ thumb-drives in stock

USB Flash Drive/ thumb-drive - Portable Hard Drive - DVD - CD - Blu-ray Disc

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