Classic Matinee Movies Now On DVD

Matinee Movies- $9.95
Previews, Newsreel, Shorts, Cartoon, Cliffhanger Chapter, and Feature on each selection

  • Matinee Movie #1
  • One Body Too Many
  • Newsreels
  • Merry Melodies "Red-Headed Babies"
  • Broadway Highlights
  • The Phantom Creeps

Relive the glory days of afternoons at the movies. Each of our matinee series feature a newsreel, previews, cartoon, short, serial and a feature film, just like it used to be. So grab your popcorn and enjoy!

One Body Too Many Matinee Movie


Howdy Doody


Fog Island Matinee Movie


Return of the Apeman Matinee Movie


The Most Dangerous Game Matinee Movie

Serial CliffhangersSerial Cliffhangers

B-Western Double FeaturesB-Western Double Features