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Preserve your family memoriesPreserving Memories

Our staff at Transfer Me to DVD has been in the transferring business for over 25 years so you can feel confident that the priceless heirlooms you send us are being handled by our highly skilled team of experts carefully and with respect.

We take all forms of media like film 8mm/16mm (silent/sound), video tapes, slides/photos, audio reel to reel, cassettes, records, 8 track tapes, camera hard drives/memory cards and with our cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment, digitally transfer it to DVD, CD or Hard Drive with the best possible quality ensuring your memories will last forever. Take a look at our Memories commercial!

DVDs made from your video tapes, movie film (8mm/16mm), photos, slides or audio material.

photos slides or fim to DVD

Hand deliver your original materials to 5318 Heatherdowns Bld, Toledo OH, six days a week. Our store hours are listed below.

Transfer Me To DVD is Toledo's Best at Preserving Memories. 

The most important part of our business is protecting your family heirlooms and earning your trust. We're listed with the Toledo BBB and you can check our accreditation here- Transfer Me To DVD. All work is performed by us- nothing is sent out. If you live out of the area we'll ship your completed order to your home for free via FedEx.

Transfer Me To DVD is a BBB Accredited Business


Once your family history is digitized it's easily duplicated so all your family members can share copies for generations. Burn DVDs of your old movies, pictures or film so they're never lost. Let us help preserve your family history- stop in to see us, before those memories fade.

Can't see what's on your slides or movie film?
Bring those family memories to our shop. more

Convert your movies, slides, photographs, video tapes, audio tape and film to DVD.


Open Mon-Fri 11am to 6pm - Sat 11am to 2pm - Closed Sunday

Transfer Me To DVD 5318 Heatherdowns Blvd Toledo OH

All DVD work is done in-house Toledo OH